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TIDBITS (Bundle of 3)

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✓ 3 bags = 130 PHP per bag
✓ Resealable bag
✓ Perfect for gifting
✓ Locally Sourced Chocolate
✓ Made in the Philippines
✓ Cash on Delivery
✓ Free Shipping for 2 and above bundles

    How many Tidbits are inside a bag?

    There are 12 pieces inside each bag.

    Will the chocolates melt during shipping?

    No, our chocolates will not melt during shipping.

    Will the cones get crushed during shipping?

    No. All our products are wrapped in 2 layers of bubblewrap and a secure box for shipping.

    How fast is shipping?

    Our orders ship out in 24 hours.

    Shipping Times are:
    Metro Manila: 1-3 Days
    Luzon: 3 - 6 Days
    Visayas: 3 - 6 Days
    Mindanao: 5 - 10 Days

    Our main courier is J&T

    Can I just order ONE bag?

    At this time, no. To be transparent, shipping ONE bag of Tidbits just doesn't make sense with the increasing postage rates. Plus, you'd be mad you only bought one bag because you're going to love them! :)

    Are there any allergens?

    Yes, Tidbits contains milk, soy, and wheat

    How should I store Tidbits?

    Room temperature is completely fine! We've also heard people put them in the freezer for a nice cold treat.

    But due to our product containing chocolate, we recommend keeping in a room temperature environment.

    The best part of the Ice Cream Cone, now a snack!