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What's good about Tidbits

Nostalgic Taste
Tidbits is made to remind you of the good old days. They're like a trip back to your childhood in one delicious bite. 
Imported Quality Chocolate
We only use high quality imported chocolates for our snacks!
Locally Made in Philippines
When you buy a product made by Filipinos, that's something worth celebrating!
Feel The Crunch
You'll feel each bite in your mouth and love every second of it. We call it "the perfect balance of crunchy and chocolatey."

3 Amazing Flavors!

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Frequently Asked


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How many Tidbits are inside a bag?

There are 12 pieces inside each bag.

How should I store Tidbits?

Room temp is completely fine, but we recommend to seal the bag if you don’t eat them all to ensure freshness next time you enjoy!

What information do I need to provide to make an order?

In order to process your order we require the following information:

Your shipping address, order information & billing address.

Phone number & email address for order confirmation and invoice.

What shipping couriers do you use?

We ship with JNT.

How fast do orders ship out?

Orders typically shipped out same day if ordered before 1pm PST. Otherwise, will go out the next day. Please do note we do not ship out on Sunday nor national holidays

How can I pay for my order?

We are only accepting cash on delivery as of now.

Are there any allergens?

Yes, Tidbits contains milk, soy, and wheat

How can I get an update on my order?

Please click on "Track my order" and input your tracking number, otherwise feel free to message us on Facebook for a quick reply.